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Chemical cleaning Engineering : Heat Exchanger cleaning, Revomes heavy Oxidation from Totes, Oil tank cleaning, Bioler cleaning, High tower cleaning, Factory cleaning, Runway cleaning , Marine surface Prep, Removes Chlorides from Milled Concrete Surface.

Cleaning Engineering : Foul water cleaning, Culvert cleaning, Sewer cleaning, Reactor cleaning, Contractor Removes Asbestos Coating with Water Jetting System, Removing Carbon from baking pans.

Paint booth cleaning : chemical tank cleaning, truck tank cleaning, tube cleaning, stripe removal, pavement marking removal, rubber removal, cold cutting.

Waterjet cutting : The combination of water jet cutting with an abrasive material makes short work of metal, concrete and composites with far less dust and noise than other methods. Track Crawler for automatic cutting of flat surfaces, or with a chain-driven assembly for cutting pipe.

Mechanical Engineering : Heat Exchanger and pipe cleaning, Steel Billet Descaling Systems, ultra-high pressure screen cleaning system and maintain repair of manufacturer cleaing engineering.